Who are Urbaser?

Who are we?

Urbaser Ltd Commercial Services is the commercial waste management and recycling division of Urbaser Ltd. A leader in environmental services, Urbaser Ltd provides a range of integrated waste and resource management services throughout the UK to businesses, local authorities and the general public. These include:

  • Waste and recycling collection;
  • Waste treatment and recovery;
  • Street cleansing; and,
  • Grounds maintenance.

We are committed to delivering sustainable services through driving efficiencies and extracting maximum value to preserve natural resources, reduce our carbon footprint and deliver a circular economy. These commitments heavily influence our commercial waste services, which is why we strive to provide a Zero to Landfill service for our customers.

In all that we do, our number one priority is the health, safety and wellbeing of our people, our customers, and the general public.

What do we believe in?

Our values and the behaviours we expect really matter to us. Our values are the principles on which we believe we can build a stronger and more successful company in the future and provide a better place to work for all of us in the years ahead. These values are based on safety, care, teamwork and respect.

Urbaser around the world

Urbaser Ltd is the UK subsidiary of Urbaser S.A.U., which is headquartered in Madrid, Spain. Employing more than 35,000 employees worldwide and operating across 30 different countries, Urbaser provides its services to more than 57 million individuals across the globe.

At present, we are the third largest environmental services provider in Europe, servicing cities such as London, Paris, Madrid, Barcelona, Porto, Stockholm, Helsinki, Copenhagen and Oslo.